The Path of the Feather: The Book

The Path of the Feather is available used from, and other online book sellers.    It is a book and kit to help you see and hear the voices of the living earth through ancient spirits and power animals.  It is a way you can make medicine wheels and do ritual to change your life and to heal.  It is the first book on becoming a shaman that deals with your life experience as the way to illumination and change.  It is a book about making your life a vision quest to tell you who you are and what you are to do.

The Path of the Feather is more than just a book, it is a atlas to sacred space.  In the box you will find the book The Path of the Feather and everything you need to make your own medicine wheel.  The kit contains thirteen  power animals and spirit guide figures, a medicine wheel map, a compass, and a medicine bag.  We made The Path of the Feather as a complete system rather than just a book because the act of making a medicine wheel is a physical action that involves the eyes, hands, and mind.  Doing something real, embodiment,  is crucial to the creation of sacred space.  When you make your medicine wheel rather than just reading about it, you take your body, mind, and spirit into sacred space and actually become the shaman.  It is not about theory, it is about practice.  Welcome to the Path of the Feather.  It will change your life to manifest who you are in reality and in sacred space.  The time has come for each of us to take our place to save the earth, the animals and their habitats.

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